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Revere High School in Revere MAIt's no secret that different kids learn in different ways. However, in a 'regular' classroom set up, especially in the No Child Left Behind era of standardized testing, too often only one style of teaching can be applied and some kids don't do as well. Revere High School has taken some big steps to make sure that more students are getting what they need to learn more optimally and expand their potential. They have revised their semesters and class times, acquired iPads for every student, and placed a stronger emphasis on teacher skill rather than seniority.

The end result? Students entering high school with weaker English skills are later taking honors English. College acceptance rates have risen. Drop out rates have decreased. And Revere High School has been declared the nation's most innovative school by... Read More

Photograph courtesy of Arne Kuilman/Flickr, Creative Commons licenseIn Arlington MA, students are enjoying the benefits that come from increasingly versatile and powerful technology in their classrooms. Students are blogging and writing code as early as 4th and 5th grade, using iPads to test aerodynamics, and utilizing 3D printers to create pieces for model rockets. It's really quite remarkable how the progress of technology is also making STEM education that much more accessible and complex all at the same time.

The Arlington Education Foundation has been working diligently to fundraise and make the growing presence of technology possible in that city's classrooms. The Foundation has existed in some form since 1990, taking its current shape in 2010. Its long history of supporting classroom innovation has made a tremendous,... Read More

Credit: Gates Foundation on Flickr, under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0).More and more, we are seeing job forecasts which project steady, double digit growth in STEM industries and fields, spurring greater discussion about when and how to capture the interest of kids early enough so that they can develop the skills and dedication needed to make them well suited for those careers. In March 2014, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics released its latest report on the topic: STEM 101, Intro to Tomorrow's Jobs.

One of the more significant approaches towards achieving reach and appeal to more students has been to increase access to technology and internet, giving greater availability to a wider variety of learning tools. Among the programs designed to assist with this is... Read More

Cambridge MA based TERC and the Virtual High School have announced plans to collaborate on a new Earth and space sciences program for high school students. Recognizing that Earth and space sciences are a core part of science education from K through 12, both companies have long been committed to developing solid and practical online coursework in this area. This new program runs for a year, utilizing a series of ten modules, each to last 3 weeks. With projected growth in various aspects of Earth and space science expected grow by double digit precentages over the next ten years, the project aims to better equip students with both knowledge and essential problem solving skills which can be applied in numerous related fields.

TERC is an independent organization focused on utilizing research to engage students with... Read More

The city of Lawrence has been awared a $50,000 grant to develop and grow STEM programming for middle and high school aged kids. The grant comes from the Massachusetts LIfe Sciences Center, and it will be used to expand the Youth CITIES Life Sciences Learning Labs program into the Greater Lawrence area. Launching in the fall, this is a weekly program 

One of the reasons Lawrence was selected for this grant was for the diversity that exists in the area. The program will help to reach people of many cultures and make STEM education and careers much more accessible to a population which does not always have such opportunities within easy reach for a variety of reasons crossing socio-economic strata.

We wish everyone involved the best of luck, and look forward to the success stories that are sure... Read More

Square's Code Camp - computer science education for girlsThere's a terrific new program called Code Camp being offered by Square, the innovative company which has made taking credit cards easy and accessible for everyone from crafters and musicians at shows to major chains like Starbucks. According to Techcrunch, Square's CFO, Sarah Friar, who has a masters in engineering, noted dramatic numbers reflecting the number of girls in the field. High schools offering AP computer science programs number in the single digit percentages. Girls taking those classes comprise fewer than 20% of students enrolled in them. But, those girls who are able to start in high school are also significantly more likely to major in... Read More

Twenty two of this year's finest science fair competitors from across Massachusetts have spent the past week in Los Angeles at the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), sponsored by Intel. They have been part of a field of over 1700 students competing at the highest level from 70 nations and regions around the world, and we could not be prouder or more impressed by their accomplishments. 
Their week has been packed with opportunities to display their projects for judging, but also to meet... Read More

 We are wishing the best of luck to the delegation of students from Massachusetts who are competing this week at the 2014 International Science and Engineering Fair taking place in Los Angeles. This photo is of our group dressed in their finest for the Opening Ceremonies. They are a great looking bunch! We will be sure to report on awards that they win, so please check back.

We are proud of all of these students for reaching this level of competition!

Nobel Laureate Wolfgang Ketterle speaks at the 2014 Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair at MIT. Photo by Lydia A. Harris.On Friday, May 2, 2014, Physics Nobel Laureate Wolfgang Ketterle spoke to students and educators in several panels at the 2014 Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair. Ketterle addressed Fair judges at Kresge Auditorium, STEM educators in a round table discussion, and competing students before the Fair opened. He emphasized to the students how many exciting opportunities there are in science today, encouraging them to stick with their work, to always keep... Read More

This year's Massachusetts STEM Summit will move to the DCU Center in Worcester, taking place on October 22. The one day event will have the theme of "Gateway to the Future". Looking to continue to address the concerns of business looking to grow in STEM industries which also need qualified workers to fill those jobs.

The conference is organized jointly between the Governor's STEM Advisory Council, the Massachusetts Business Roundtable, and the UMass Donahue Institute. The purpose is to promote STEM education with the intention of growing the workforce able to work in related fields.

Registration details, agendas, and more can be found at the Massachusetts Stem Summit website.

More details: DCU Center in Worcester to host statewide STEM conference


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