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Courses - Limited number of Tuition Scholarships available!

Graduate Courses for Science Educators Part of the STEM Certificate in Inquiry from Framingham State University

Complete all 3 CMI Courses & Earn the STEM Certificate in Inquiry! A program developed by the Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair (MSSEF) in collaboration with the Education Development Center (EDC) as part of the Curious Minds Initiative (CMI).

Course 1. Teaching Science through the Inquiry Process (TSIP)

Motivate Your Students with the “Real World” Discovery Process Provides teachers with practical strategies to infuse more inquiry into their teaching practice and existing curricula. TSIP is a hands-on course, and science teachers bring 2-3 of their existing labs or classroom activities that they will adapt in order to make greater use of inquiry-based techniques. WHEN: Fall Semester on Tuesdays:  9/23 - 12/9  •  4pm-6:30pm plus 2 Saturdays: Oct 4 and Nov 15  9am - 3:30 pm WHERE: Stoklosa School, Lowell, MA GRADUATE CREDITS: 3, plus PDPs ENROLL ONLINE (2015 course schedule and enrollment will be announced soon)

Course 2. Project-based Classroom Science (PCS)

Teach Science Concepts with Exciting & Challenging Project-based Units Enables science teachers to develop effective project-based units for targeted science concepts, and also provides an introduction to guiding students who work on independent research projects. WHEN: August 4-6, 2014, 8:30 am - 2:30 pm WHERE: EDC Headquarters, Waltham, MA GRADUATE CREDITS: 2 plus PDPs -- includes online component. The PCS course for the August session (8/4-6) has been cancelled - PCS will be offered again in August 2015.

ENROLL ONLINE (2015 course schedule and enrollment will be announced soon)

Course 3. Organizing a Science & Engineering Fair (OSEF)

Help Your Students Learn to Think for Themselves! Provides a framework and guidance for best practices in the logistics of managing a classroom with students working on independent research on different topics, and running a science fair program and building district-based support for it. WHEN: August 11-12, 2014, 8:30 am - 2:30 pm WHERE: EDC Headquarters, Waltham, MA GRADUATE CREDIT: 1 plus PDPs -- includes online component

ENROLL ONLINE (2015 course schedule and enrollment will be announced soon)

CMI Educator Day @ MIT! May 1, 2015, 8:30 am - 2:30 pm

Apply for a travel stipend and/or matching support for a substitute teacher! A special free conference held on Friday during the State Science & Engineering Fair for high school students @ MIT. Highlights include: walking the Exhibition Hall of 300 “Best of the Best” high school student science fair projects in Massachusetts; a seat in the Judge Orientation Program (with ~300 judges from academia and industry); feedback and discussion inquiry and project-based approaches in your teaching practice; and breakfast and lunch! ENROLL ONLINE! TEAMS of teachers from the same school district and CMI course participants receive priority for enrollment and scholarships.

Enrollment Forms & Tuition Scholarships Application (available soon!)

  TSIP PCS OSEF CMI Educator Day
TUITION & MATERIALS: $650 $525 $200 FREE
Low-cost Graduate Credits: $300 $200 $100 N/A

What is Curious Minds?

The "Curious Minds" Initiative (CMI) is a strategic, multi-stakeholder plan that aims to enable every middle and high school in Massachusetts to engage students in inquiry-based learning. CMI will provide science teachers with the tools, expertise and resources necessary to integrate exciting project-based experiences into their existing curricula, and where appropriate, to develop or expand a science and engineering fair program. Developed by the Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair, "Curious Minds" builds on more than six decades of experience and success with over 28,000 students statewide. Interested in a CMI grant for your school? Email

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