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Manual & Forms

In this section you will find all of the forms necessary to enter the 2014 Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair. To ensure cross-platform compatibility and to make downloading as fast as possible all of the forms are available as Adobe PDF files. When printing please chose NONE for the Print Scaling Option (on the Print Settings Window).

Form Selection & Usage

Refer to the Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair Student Checklist (1A), Research Plan, Consent Form Checklist, and Manual for proper and appropriate use of these forms. It is the responsibility of participating schools, teachers and students to make additional copies of these forms as needed.

Documents for download

How to Submit

Submit COPIES of the Student Checklist (1A) , Research Plan, Approval From (1B) and Checklist for Teacher (1) and and other consent forms as necessary to the Regional SRC for your area. Check with your Regional Fair SRC for exact dates and deadlines or visit the Regional Fair page. The SRC Committee meets first week of each month. Contact the MSSEF Scientific Review & Safety Committee Representatives for further assistance.

Important Notes

Note: Students are expected to participate in all events of the two-day high school Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair at MIT. Students are encouraged to schedule their SAT & AP exams to avoid any conflicts with the Fair schedule (read policy here). If this is not possible, students should take these exams in the Cambridge/Boston area so they may arrive at the Fair on time. High school guidance counselors can advise students about how to arrange to take these exams away from students’ respective schools. All students must be present for the public showcase of projects at 12:30 P.M. on the Saturday of the Fair.

Additional Information

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OR OTHER INQUIRIES: MSSEF Scientific Review Committee 955 Massachusetts Avenue, #350 Cambridge, MA 02139

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