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CMI-GEMS Collaboration

GEMS: Gelfand Endeavor in Massachusetts Schools
A collaboration to promote inquiry-based learning in Massachusetts schools and districts.

Collaborative Goal

The Gelfand Endeavor in Massachusetts Schools (GEMS) has teamed up with the Massachusetts Science & Engineering Fair (MSSEF) through its "Curious Minds Initiative" (CMI). The collaborative goal is to help increase the number of Massachusetts schools and teachers that use the inquiry-based learning model for teaching science and engineering. GEMS aims to inspire students through direct engagement in the discovery process and the excitement of science fair competition.

Through a multi-year partnership with individual schools and districts, GEMS provides science educators with the requisite training, resources, and tools to integrate real-world, inquiry-based learning activities into their existing curricula, and to create school-based Science & Engineering Fair Initiatives (SEFI) for GEMS Groups 1 and 2. In addition, the program expanded to provide support for district-wide STEM initiatives for the GEMS 3 Group.
GEMS Grants - Please note that the current-year grant application process for 2013-2014 is closed.

GEMS Benefits:

  • Funding for a multi-year partnership
  • Technical assistance from the GEMS Team
  • Scholarships for professional development / CMI graduate courses

For more information on how to become a GEMS school, please email

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