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How to Enter the High School Fair

Contact your Regional Fair Chair or your school about how to register online.

The Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair is open to students from all public,
private and parochial schools (grades 9-12) throughout the state.
There are two ways to enter: Through a Regional Fair or through a School

  1. Entering through the Regional Fairs | There are six regional fairs located across Massachusetts, and each regional fair may send 40-50 of their top-scoring student projects to the statewide Fair, provided that the students are certified by the Regional Fair Chairperson. The exact number of projects is determined by the formula: 40 + 10%*(number of projects over 100), up to a maximum of 50 projects. Contact your Regional Fair Chair for more information.
  2. Entering through a School or a School Fair | All Massachusetts schools are encouraged to first enter their students in their regional fairs, where students may be selected for the statewide fair if they have one of the top-scoring projects. Regional Fairs also provide a student with feedback from judges on how to improve their projects, enabling students to refine their work before the statewide Fair. In addition to projects selected through the Regional Fair, each school may send up to two additional projects to the statewide fair (either individual or team).


# Projects in A Regional Fair # Projects that can be entered in Statewide Fair.
Up to 100 projects 40
110 41
120 42
130 43
140 44
150 45
160 46
170 47
180 48
190 49
200 or more 50

Online Registration

Approved student delegates from your school may register online for the statewide Fair beginning March 3rd. However, before a student’s experimentation may begin, students must check to see if their project will require approval by the local Regional Fair Scientific Review Committee (SRC). For example, all student projects that involve dangerous substances, vertebrate animals, human subjects and/or will be explored in a setting other than a school must be approved by the Regional Fair SRC before experimentation may begin. Note: Students are expected to participate in all events of the two-day high school Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair at MIT. Students are encouraged to schedule their SAT & AP exams to avoid any conflicts with the Fair schedule. If this is not possible, students should take these exams in the Cambridge/Boston area so they may arrive at the Fair on time. High school guidance counselors can advise students about how to arrange to take these exams away from students’ respective schools. All students must be present for the public showcase of projects at 12:30 P.M. on the Saturday of the Fair.

Important Dates:

DATE TBA for 2016 Student Online Registration begins. Signed registration applications must be sent to MSSEF within five days of your Regional Science Fair
DATE TBA for 2016 @ 12:00 noon Student Online Registration closes
May 6-7, 2016 The 67th annual Massachusetts State High School Science & Engineering Fair Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus, Cambridge
May 8-13, 2016 International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF) Phoenix, AZ

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