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How to Enter the Middle School Fair

How to Enter the
Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair (MSSEF)
Middle School Division

Students enter the MSSEF-Middle School Division in one of the following two ways:

·       As a winner in his/her regional science fair held in the spring; or

·       As one direct entry from his/her school

All students must adhere to the official MSSEF-Middle School Division research and safety rules when working on and exhibiting their projects at the regional and statewide middle school science fairs.  Click here for the MSSEF- Middle School Division rules (in the Middle School Manual).

To be sure a project meets all safety rules and requirements, complete and submit Research Plan Forms 1A and B (if necessary Form C and Form D) to your regional science fair director for official approval before beginning the project.  Form C at this point does not need to be signed just filled out.  Students who do not apply for and receive official advance approval, or do not follow the safety regulations during the research process, may be disqualified.

Step-by-Step MSSEF-Middle School Division Registration Procedure:

1.     Each student, including all Team Project members, must register and complete all the necessary forms pertaining to the project. Your Research Plan must be approved before you may start your research.

Regional winners and direct school entries must complete:

a.     REGISTRATION FORM: complete this form to apply to participate in the statewide MSSEF-Middle School Division and obtain all required signatures.

b.    RESEARCH PLAN FORM 1A and RESEARCH PLAN FORM 1BThese two forms are required for all students – be sure to fill in all the information and obtain all project required signatures and approval from your Regional Safety Review Committee (RSRC) before you start your project.

c.     INFORMED CONSENT FORM C:  If a project uses human subjects, Form C (Human Consent Form) must be completed for each human subject prior to his/her involvement in a project and approved.   The subject must sign where indicated on Form C.  If the subject is under 18, a parent must sign Form C.  All signed Human Consent Forms from your subjects must accompany your registration packet.

d.    DESIGNATED SUPERVISOR FORM D:   If there is a designated supervisor required for your project, have the supervisor complete and sign this Form D, and submit this completed form along with the others.  Projects that may need this form use certified, non-pathogenic micro-organisms, devices such as power tools, certain chemicals, and some human subject projects.  Check the manual for more specific information or with your regional or state directors if there is a question.

All required forms must be fully completed and signed where indicated.  Fill in (the forms above are writable), print out and send your forms to: (keeping the original copies for your files):

Karin Lebeau, MSSEF-Middle School Division Co-Director
PO Box 134, WMB
Dudley, MA 01571

There is no online registration for the MSSEF Middle School Science Fair.

Note:  Most Massachusetts Regional Fairs use the MSSEF State Science Fair Forms to simplify the process for students if they become regional winners and move up to the state competition.  

Deadline: TBA
For submitting MSSEF Middle School Fair registration materials

2.     After reviewing the registration application, necessary forms and verification of following all safety rules, MSSEF will email results to the teacher of the student(s) with registration confirmation and details about the MSSEF Middle School Science Fair day.   This is a lengthy process and may take a week.  The teacher is expected to forward this email ASAP to the student and parents, so all parties involved will be promptly notified.   If there is a safety concern or other issue with the project and the project is not allowed, the teacher will be notified.  

MSSEF Science & Engineering Fair- Middle School Division
June 4, 2016 @ Worcester Technical High School

Questions may be sent to Sandy Mayrand, Co-Director:




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