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Mentor, Father to Two MA Science Fair Alums Praised by Lt. Governor Timothy Murray

Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray recognized Dr. John Schneeweis, a Massachusetts physician and proud father of two former Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair competitors, for his dedicated involvement with STEM education at the Annual STEM Summit this morning.

Dr. Schneeweis, who works as a family physician in Leominster, has helped to mentor Wachusett Regional High School students working on science research projects.  His own daughter and son won recognition at their respective MA Science & Engineering Fairs at MIT (in 2007 and 2010).  Dr. Schneeweis’s daughter is currently a college student, and his son is finishing high school.

Dr. Schneeweis believes it’s vital that students learn to present ideas in a logical way and develop the skill of critical thinking. “Both are skills vital to success in the future,” he says.

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