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Hispanic Students Win Scholarships to Pursue STEM Studies

Part of the Nobel Prize money won by President Obama in 2009 will help Hispanic students pursuing studies in STEM subjects.  The Hispanic Scholarship Fund received $125,000 of President Obama's prize money -- the entire $1.4 million of which he donated to 10 different charities.

According to Hispanic Scholarship Fund CEO Frank Alvarez, his organization would like to see at least one college degree in every Hispanic household. The scholarships afforded by President Obama's donation is a step in that direction.  "As soon as there's a degree in the household, things like applying to college, financial aid, etc. become known because students have an embedded mentor," he said.  This year's 12 winners (another 12 will be selected next year) include college students currently majoring in chemical engineering, secondary education, atmospheric science, information technology, among others.  Award winners showed an interest in becoming STEM teachers.

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