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Seventh Graders Share Science Fair Project Results with American Academy of Pediatricians

How's this for an influential science fair project: Last year, Ohio seventh graders Casey Gittelman and Eleanor Bishop investigated how well children and adults could distinguish candy from medicine. This past October, Gittelman traveled to the American Academy of Pediatrics national conference, held in Boston, to present the results. In a nutshell, they found that one in four of the children, and one in five of the teachers had difficulty distinguishing between pills and candy, with SweetTARTS mistaken for Mylanta, and SweeTARTS for Tums, among others. In addition, the girls looked at how people stored their medications. “Only about 10 percent said they stored their medicines appropriately,” said Gittelman. “If people did keep medicines locked up, it would prevent a lot of unintentional ingestions.”

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