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STEM Gaining STEAM Across the Country

With greater focus on STEM firmly established as a national education imperative, there's some momentum building to factor in the arts in a meaningful way. The result: STEAM -- with the A standing for "arts" -- implying that the intersection between the arts and the sciences is the place where the rubber meets the road. From conferences like the "Bridging STEM to STEAM" forum hosted by the Rhode Island School of Design, to NSF-funded projects like Chicago's Art of Science Learning project, the STEAM concept seems to be gaining ground. "For me, it is about connecting—or reconnecting—the arts and sciences in ways that learning can happen at the intersection of the two," said Harvey Seifter, director of the Art of Science Learning. "We believe there is a powerful opportunity here to use the arts and arts-based learning to spark transformational change in science education."

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