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Will Education Change in Step with Changing Times?

Facebook, Petaflop, and nanotubes illustrate the increasing importance of STEM education in keeping today's students equipped to face their future.  Veteran educator Tim Gott, director of the Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky, suggests in US News & World Report that aligning an antiquated public education system with today's demands -- and those of the future -- is critical. Further, Gott points to the STEM fields as among the best learning environments for developing critical, creative, collaborative, and compassionate thinking.  "Who will be prepared to step into [STEM] careers and opportunities?" Gott asks. "If we want U.S. students to be among those who do, we must continue to support STEM initiatives and establish more educational avenues for our young people to become equipped and prepared to meet the ever-growing challenges and possibilities." Via

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