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New Trend in Education: The STEM Diploma

From Maine to Arizona, high schools across the country seem to be embracing the reality of the importance of a strong educational foundation in the sciences.  Increasingly, this new understanding is taking the form of STEM-specific high school diplomas.  In pursuit of a STEM diploma, students focus more heavily than usual on science-related subjects, often  with the opportunity to take STEM classes at their local community colleges.

The trend appears to be a response to a host of recent reports sounding the warning bell about the state of STEM education in America, including a recent report from the Commerce Department highlighting the need for federal investment in STEM education.  As Commerce Secretary John Bryson said, "Our ability to innovate as a nation will determine what kind of economy — what kind of country — our children and grandchildren will inherit, and whether it’s a country that holds the same promise for them as it did for our parents and grandparents." Via

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