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William J. Bennett Speaks Out on the Importance of STEM Education

Former Secretary of Education William Bennett is afraid that we're facing a national crisis if U.S. students continue to turn out sub-par performances in STEM subjects. Bennett tells CNN that we're on our way to a "disaster in the making."  Specifically, he points to the uncertain future of our GDP, job market, and national financial well-being if we fail to regain our edge as the most innovative country in the world. Bennett does offer a five-part solution to the crisis, beginning with the suggestion that we "front-load STEM-related teaching." Other steps he says we need to take on the path to regaining our strength in innovation include improving teacher training in math, integrate math and sciences more effectively within school settings, use forms of math and scientific methods in teaching across the curriculum, and take advantage of the teacher trainining opportunities offered by nonprofits focused on STEM education. Via

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