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Celebrating the Complexities of Science

With student attrition from STEM majors to "easier" fields running at about 40 percent, concerns exist that we are losing some our best and brightest to fields with fewer barriers to entry. A fundamental change in the way we teach science, from the "math-science death march" formerly imposed on new science majors, to a more collaborative learning environment has the potential to mitigate the abominable attrition rate, but one fact remains: science is really hard.  An interesting article by Adam Frank on the NPR web site makes the case for celebrating the complexities of STEM subjects rather than attempting to sugarcoat them.  "To engage with the world in search of any kind of Truth is an expression of the search for excellence," he writes. "That, by its very nature, is desperately difficult. There will always be a price to be paid in time, sweat and tears."

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