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Design-Based Learning: A New Paradigm for STEM Education

A new post on the Citizen IBM blog looks at how to motivate students in STEM subjects by design; that is, engage them in real problem-solving rather than merely "telling" them about science. "Design is a process by which people from diverse fields make decisions about the form, function, and use of materials to create artifacts, systems and tools that solve a range of problems, large and small," the article states. "By focusing on design, one learns how to identify a problem or need, how to consider design options and constraints, and how to plan, model, test and iterate solutions to vexing problems, making higher-order thinking skills tangible and visible." The post includes a straightforward video on differentiated instruction. Given the national imperative of science literacy, the mounting evidence that hands-on, inquiry-based learning is a critical underpinning of education today cannot be ignored.

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