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Great Teacher Thrives in Unique Habitat

Nitya Jacob, assistant professor of biology at Emory’s Oxford College, always dreamed of being published in the prestigious journal, Science.  As her career progressed and she made the decision to become a teacher, she assumed that she had next to no chance of making that dream a reality.  How wrong she was.  The next issue of Science will feature Nitya's paper, "Investigating Arabia Mountain: A Molecular Approach," which grew out of a lab module Nitya developed for her freshman and sophomore students.  “I want my students to be aware of their biological surroundings,” Jacob says. “It’s so easy to go about life without ever thinking about what’s around you.” In addition to the pending publication of her work in Science, Nitya was also honored with a 2011 Science Prize for Inquiry-Based Instruction for her lab module. Inspirational!

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