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Seven Massachusetts Students Receive Grand Awards at Intel ISEF

Photo: US students join those from other countries in an opening ceremonies celebration.


The Massachusetts delegation to the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF) racked up five third-place awards and two fourth-place awards at today's Grand Prize Ceremony in Pittsburgh, PA.

Third Place

Name: Emily Hu School: Lexington High School Project: "The Effects of Mindful Decision Making on Post Decision Regret" Description:  The purpose of this experiment is to determine a relationship between mindful decision-making and post decision regret. The main objective is to confirm that both trait and state mindfulness produces less post decision regret.

Name: Dominick Zheng School: Boston Latin School Project: "Mast Cell-Restricted Tryptase-Heparin Complexes Hinder Coagulation" Description: Mouse mast cell protease-6 (mMCP-6) and its human ortholog tryptase-beta (hTryptase-beta) are found to prevent blood coagulation by proteolytically destroying fibrinogen, and are more effective anticoagulants than heparin on a weight basis.

Name: Anish Athalye School: Massachusetts Academy of Math & Science Project: "Cooling without Electricity: Engineering a New Refrigerator" Description: A novel cooling technology based on the adsorption cycle was invented and proven to work. In addition, full scale prototypes were engineered and shown to achieve enough cooling effect for the application: medicine refrigeration in developing countries.

Name: Richard Housley School: Boston University Academy Project: "Emergency Convulsive Seizure Detection and Notification System" Description: This project focuses on the creation of a convulsive seizure detection and notification system; it is capable of sending emergency text messages when a convulsive seizure is detected.

Name: Sneha Subramaniam School: Westborough High School Project: Engineering a Novel Hydrogel Matrix for Bone Cell Regeneration Description: The goal of this project was to engineer a low cost and low risk alternative for bone cell regeneration through tissue engineering techniques. An mTG crosslinked gelatin hyrogel was used as a scaffold and its effectiveness quantified by biomineralization.

Fourth Place

Names: Hao Shen & Surya Bhupatiraju School: Lexington High School Project: “Investigating the Spread of the Influenza A Virus: A Phylogetic Analysis of the H1N1 Subtype” Description: We explore H1N1 using a phylogenetic analysis of its NA gene. We identified two different strains of H1N1 in 2009, its path throughout the US during the 20th century, and isolated the time and nucleotide location where resistance to a drug was acquired.

Name: Julia Knowles School: Massachusetts Academy of Math & Science Project: "Flushed Away with Gray: Engineering the Gray Water Toilet" Description: This project comprises a device that was designed to collect gray water that would be automatically used to flush the toilet and, at the same time, be easily adaptable to an existing domestic bathroom.

Congratulations to these award-winning students and to the entire Massachusetts delegation!

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