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Good News, Bad News, and No News About Education

A blog post this morning by Change the Equation offers a concise assessment of the recently released government report, "The Condition of Education." The good news, according to Change the Equation, is that the past two decades have seen rises in 4th and 8th grade math scores.  On the flip side, 12th graders haven't fared as positively, with numbers relatively stagnant over the same time period, causing concerns over "evaporating gains" between 8th and 12th grades.  The "no news" referred to in the post's title?  Information on where 12th graders stand in science.  Due to the change in science frameworks, looking at data over time would be meaningless.  Change the Equation makes the point that no news is actually harmful: "If we're serious about getting many more students ready for college and careers in science, technology, engineering or math (STEM), we can't very well tolerate such a serious blind spot in 12th grade." See on

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