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A Dollhouse Wired to Teach Girls Science

Here's a novel idea: a dollhouse complete with assembly-required furniture and working circuit boards.  The goal, of course, is to reach girls where they live, so to speak, and encourage an early interest in math and science.  The project, called "Roominate," is the brain child of three women who met as master's students at Stanford University. Noting the significant gender imbalance in their classes, Alice Brooks, Bettina Chen, and Jennifer Kessler cast their minds back to their own childhoods -- and the gender-neutral toys that entertained them.  Alice Brooks' father gave her a saw, for example.

The trio launched a Kickstarter campaign, which has raised more than $85,000, far surpassing the $25,000 funding goal they had set.  Look for Roominate soon for your future scientist in museums and online! See on

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