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How to Fix Computer Science Education

The tech sector is booming, and hungry for skilled workers. With its promise of ample opportunity and high salaries, it seems like a logical direction for STEM-savvy students to pursue. However, according to a recent article in TIME magazine, the U.S. education system is doing a sub-par job of training students for computer science careers. While most STEM fields have seen an uptick in growth over the past two decades, computer science stands alone as having experienced a drop in student participation over the same period of time. This country's large, change-averse education system may be a big part of the problem. Despite its increasing relevance in the world into which today's students are graduating, computer science hasn't made its way into most -- or even many -- classrooms in a meaningful way. Having appeared on the scene relatively recently, computer science hasn't yet managed to penetrate the bureaucracy to take root as a core course in the vast majority of districts. So what's it going to take to turn the tide and integrate computer science more completely into K-12 education? "If educators want to scale up their cause, they’re going to need to create a national framework," according to the TIME article. The Computer Science Education Act, introduced by Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) and Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO), could be a step in the right direction. Read more about it here. See on

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