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Sally Ride's Legacy: Advancing STEM Education in Middle School

Broadcom Foundation Executive Director Paula Golden received a "high-five" voicemail from astronaut and STEM champion Sally Ride just weeks before Ride's untimely death from pancreatic cancer: "Paula, this is Sally Ride. I clipped an article you wrote about the importance of motivating kids to study math and science in middle school and called to let you know that the Broadcom Foundation is on target with support for training teachers in STEM project-based learning."

As Golden points out in a blog post on Huff Post Impact, Ride's most significant legacy may well be the results of her effort to empower middle school teachers to inspire kid to pursue STEM studies -- and eventually, careers -- through Ride's "Train the Trainer" program.  "Sharing STEM knowledge and inspiration has never been more essential," Golden writes. "According to the National Academies, among wealthy nations, the United States ranked 23rd in science and 31st in math in standardized tests. We now know from study after study that the effect of a quality teacher on a child's life is monumental."

Broadcom does its part to advance science education among students in this important age group through its national science fair competition, the Broadcom MASTERS.  By supporting teachers and honoring excellence among students, Broadcom honors and advances the mission championed by the great Sally Ride.
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