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Obama and Romney Tackle 14 Science Questions

Scientific American and (which refers to itself as "an independent citizens' initiative asking candidates for office to discuss the top science questions facing America) posed 14 questions about science and education to President Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.  Their responses will be analyzed and graded in the November issue of Scientific American, available next month.

In the meantime, you can read what the candidates had to say on such subjects as education, climate change, biosecurity, and innovation on Scientific American online.

Are the candidates qualified to respond to such questions? "Obama and Romney spend a lot of time talking about the economy, yet neither is an economist.... They should be able to discuss science and how it impacts people and society, even though neither is a scientist, said Science Debate co-founder Shawn Otto. "They should be able to talk about education, even though neither holds a teaching license."
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