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Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Contest

John McIntyre, Sustainability and Brand Manager for Samsung, notified us of the following opportunity for Massachusetts schools:

From now until October 31st, Samsung Electronics is accepting applications for a program called Samsung Solve for Tomorrow. By entering, schools have a chance to win up to $110,000 in technology grants.  The competition is open to public middle and high school classes... and there is not a limit on how many classes can enter from a particular school.  Also, applicants don't have to be Science or Math teachers.  Any teacher and their group of students...specials, AT, etc., can submit an application.

The way it works is teachers are asked to complete a short application.

From all entrants nationwide, 75 are selected to participate. Each of these 75 are then equipped with a camcorder, laptop, and video editing software to create videos addressing the challenge, “Show how STEM can help the environment in your community.”

The top 15 finalists will win a technology grant worth at least $40,000.

Videos from those 15 finalists will be posted online for grand prize judging.  One will be selected as a “People’s Choice” winner while four will be selected by an independent judging panel.  These five grand prize winners will receive an additional $70,000 in technology and cash for a total of $110,000 each.

The teacher and student representatives from each of the five grand prize winning schools will be brought to an awards ceremony in Washington D.C. and will meet with their Congressional representatives.

The full contest rules and additional information are posted at:  You can also see examples of submissions from previous award winners at that web site.

Good luck!

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