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New PBS Teachers STEM Education Resource Center for Grades Pre-K to 12

Political jokes aside, Big Bird and his friends at PBS have a key role to play in the future of our youth and the educators responsible for teaching them. Although the continuous television programming offers kids of all ages a stable channel of fulfillment and education, the PBS Teachers STEM Resource Center will help those looking for some online content in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields. Everything from free webinars, videos, lesson plans to interactive content for grades pre-K to 12.

Acquiring the attention and interest of children is not easy these days with all that high tech gadgetry around but leave it to PBS to push the envelope in expanding the imagination of what the future may hold.

“PBS is well known for science series such as NOVA, Nature and Sid the Science Kid. PBS Teachers offers hundreds of standards-based, online resources designed to help teachers promote understanding of science concepts and development of hands-on science skills.”

So maybe some TV time isn’t all that bad... although it might have some friendly online competition!

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