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School District Partnership Aids STEM Education in Mansfield

Mansfield Education FoundationIt's no secret, not breaking news, that school budgets are suffering. The result is a reduction of programs which can help students learn outside of the core curricula. In Mansfield, MA, an 'outside' organization called Mansfield Education Foundation was set up in 2010 to raise and find money to help support students in a variety of ways, including STEM related programs. Like many ancillary groups, it takes a multi-pronged approach to fundraising, like an upcoming Secret Shop (December 7), where businesses can sponsor tables, as well as working with businesses in general for other gifts and sponsorships. The result of this work thus far has been more than $30,000 in grants given to Mansfield schools. Read more about their efforts to support their schools. Innovation for the classroom can happen outside of the classroom!    

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