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What Comes First: Science, or a Science Fair?

Science Fair project

Photo by Shelli Pabis/Mama of Letters. Used with permission.

Blogger Shelli Pabis of Mama of Letters wrote a post about her son's keen interest in science and how, as a home-schooled child in Georgia, he did not have easy access to more typical in-school science fairs. Interested in helping to cultivate his curiosity, Shelli reached out to the Sandy Creek Nature Center, which responded by sponsoring its first-ever science fair in conjunction with another event -- a rock and gem show. With that piece in place, Shelli and her son proceeded to identify a project, conduct the experiment, and prepare the display. His wound up being the only entry in this science fair, but his story still demonstrates one of the ways kids can be inspired to explore their scientific curiosity and share what they have learned. No doubt, this will be just the first of many fairs and much exploration from this young man! We can all learn from his great example of how, with a little determination, science education can take all forms. Read more about what this seven-year-old studied in the blog post, First Science Fair Project.

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