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New Resources for STEM Teaching

Trilogy Publications is adding to its series of "Those Amazing..." books which are designed to present real-world projects and examples to upper elementary through high school age kids. The most recent, and third, title is "Those Amazing Builders." All written by Charlotte Forbes, this book follows "Those Amazing Scientists" and "Those Amazing Engineers."

The intention of the books is to demonstrate how STEM disciplines are applied in real life to help illuminate potential career paths and objectives. According to Rose Reichman, a partner with Trilogy, “Teachers need tools that help students connect what they study with their daily lives. Our books use examples of projects that young people can relate to, projects that affect their lives or their communities and excite their imaginations.”

There are programs in place to match up educators and school districts with corporate sponsors to help to bring these texts to classrooms. Contact Trilogy Publications directly for details. Books can also be ordered directly through the website.

Trilogy Publications LLC is a partnership of communicators whose mission is to encourage students to seek rewarding career paths and introduce them to fields they might otherwise overlook.

Read the full press release here.

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