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Intel Science Talent Search Honors Lexington Teen

We are delighted by the news that 17-year-old William Henry Kuszmaul of Lexington has placed third at the prestigious Intel Science Talent Search competition for 2014. William was one of 40 finalists selected from more than 1800 entrants to the event. In the simplest terms, his project was a mathematical study of modular enumeration. This area of applied math has many potential practical uses for daily life, found in the convergence of computer science, bioinformatics, and computational biology. In addition to his third-place finish, William made a deep impression on peers and judges, who also chose to award him the Glenn T. Seaborg Award, named for and given in honor of the Nobel Prize-winning chemist and longtime judge of the Science Talent Search.

Our congratulations to William, and best wishes for ongoing and future success!

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