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MSSEF Leaders Win Awards at SPARK Competition

We are delighted to share the news that MSSEF Vice Chair Barnas G. Monteith and board member Dr. Peter Wong were part of a team of people who took home two awards at a recent SPARK (Science, Play and Research Kit) competition.

SPARK offers two categories for consideration: 1) prototypes, kits and projects that could be demonstrated, and 2) ideations, projects that were being conceptualized but had not yet fully implemented into products. The Tumblehome team of Monteith, Wong, and their fellow teammate, Penny Noyce, submitted the Tumblehome SenSay Sensor System Kit to the competition. The Kit had been in discussion for some time, but hearing about the SPARK competition spurred the team into action to create their first working pieces. As a result of their efforts, the Kit took third place in the prototype category. Tumblehome SenSay Sensor Kit is designed to give kids exposure to the workings of sensors and how to gain immediate feedback using sound and light to create graphs on a computer.

Tumblehome also took second prize in ideation for a part of the Kit being further developed for the related SenSay Sustainable Villages project, a way to help young people work on solutions to problems in sustainable living.

The purpose of SPARK is to get innovators thinking of ways to re-imagine chemistry sets to further excite kids into chemistry and science and technology avenues by finding new ways to create interactive tools and projects.

Formed in 2012, Tumblehome Learning Inc was created to bring together STEM scientists, leaders, and educators to find new ways to inspire kids to learn and innovate in both the natural and man-made worlds around them.

Read more about the competition and Tumblehome's submission: Tumblehome Wins Two Awards for Its SenSay System.

Congratulations to our friends at Team Tumblehome!

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