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New Science Education Tools Debuted

Boston recently hosted the National Science Teachers Association annual meeting, which drew nearly 10,000 attendees. Dominating themes of the event included Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) becoming curricula, elementary-level science education, and developing and maintaining student interest in STEM topics.

Eleven states and the District of Columbia have officially adopted the new NGSS standards. Overall, 26 states have been involved in the creation of the new standards, with support from NSTA, The National Research Council and Achieve Inc. The intention of the coalition is to develop new standards to help improve the strength of students' STEM foundations by the time they graduate from high school. To assist school districts and states access to information and details, NSTA has a new website which is meant to serve as a central point: the NGSS@NSTA Hub.

In addition to the discussions around these topics, there was a diverse array of companies and products represented at the meeting. To read about them, visit New Science Teaching Tools Shown at NSTA Conference

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