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Earth and Space Science Program Collaboration

Cambridge MA based TERC and the Virtual High School have announced plans to collaborate on a new Earth and space sciences program for high school students. Recognizing that Earth and space sciences are a core part of science education from K through 12, both companies have long been committed to developing solid and practical online coursework in this area. This new program runs for a year, utilizing a series of ten modules, each to last 3 weeks. With projected growth in various aspects of Earth and space science expected grow by double digit precentages over the next ten years, the project aims to better equip students with both knowledge and essential problem solving skills which can be applied in numerous related fields.

TERC is an independent organization focused on utilizing research to engage students with challenge STEM curricula. The Virtual High School was founded in 1995 and seeks to constantly set higher standards for online education, with both curricula for students and professional development for educators.

The original press release: TERC and the Virtual High School Partner to Advance STEM Education

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