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The Growing, Evolving Technological Classroom in Arlington

Photograph courtesy of Arne Kuilman/Flickr, Creative Commons licenseIn Arlington MA, students are enjoying the benefits that come from increasingly versatile and powerful technology in their classrooms. Students are blogging and writing code as early as 4th and 5th grade, using iPads to test aerodynamics, and utilizing 3D printers to create pieces for model rockets. It's really quite remarkable how the progress of technology is also making STEM education that much more accessible and complex all at the same time.

The Arlington Education Foundation has been working diligently to fundraise and make the growing presence of technology possible in that city's classrooms. The Foundation has existed in some form since 1990, taking its current shape in 2010. Its long history of supporting classroom innovation has made a tremendous, positive difference for many students. Well done!

Check out some of the students' stories of how they are enjoying the addition of technology in their classrooms: Teaching Tools for the 21st Century

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