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Revere High School Shakes Things Up

Revere High School in Revere MAIt's no secret that different kids learn in different ways. However, in a 'regular' classroom set up, especially in the No Child Left Behind era of standardized testing, too often only one style of teaching can be applied and some kids don't do as well. Revere High School has taken some big steps to make sure that more students are getting what they need to learn more optimally and expand their potential. They have revised their semesters and class times, acquired iPads for every student, and placed a stronger emphasis on teacher skill rather than seniority.

The end result? Students entering high school with weaker English skills are later taking honors English. College acceptance rates have risen. Drop out rates have decreased. And Revere High School has been declared the nation's most innovative school by the National Center for Urban School Transformation, their highest accolade. The campus is calmer, and students appear to be taking full advantage of new and expanded learning opportunities. Teacher David Eatough tells us, "we have been fortunate that several factors aligned to see significant progress."

Congratulations to all of the educators and students at Revere High School. Read more about what's happening there in the Boston Globe: Raising Hope at Revere High.

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