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MSSEF First Place Winner Adrian Niles Goes to the White House

Hot on the heels of a first place finish at the 2014 Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair, Brockton teen Adrian Niles spent some time this week at the White House, participating in the first ever White House Maker's Faire. His project, which took two years to build and has seen success through several science fairs, is a variation on a Segway-style personal transportation device, with modifications to make it even more useful for the elderly and people with disabilities.

In addition to his first place finish at the MSSEF event in May, Adrian also took top honors in engineering at the 2013 NAACP ACT-SO (Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics). He will return to compete in this year's event, in Las Vegas. Adrian also won the gold medal at the South Shore Regional Science Fair in March. He has been a long time mentee with MSSEF allies Pat and Barnas Monteith of Mr. Science Fair and has done all of his supporters very proud. Pictured on the left here with classmate Nigel Dennis (right) and Brockton City Council President Robert Sllivan (center), both young men were honored for their successes at the MSSEF event. Nigel competed with a smart watch that he designed.

The White House Maker's Faire is designed to celebrate and encourage the growing number of tools, including 3D printers and new software which are increasingly available to everyone, and to encourage the use of all such tools in growing innovation, invention, and manufacturing in the United States.

A new graduate of Southeast Regional Vocational-Technical High SchoolAdrian will be attending the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth starting this fall. He began inventing at the age 4 with Legos and has never stopped. His ultimate dream is to build the fastest moving electric car, and we wish him every success.

Watch a video of Niles' process and device in action on YouTube.

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