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Growing Science and Tech Opportunities for Graduates

As our society becomes increasingly immersed in technology, so to does the need for capable, qualified workers rise to continue to develop and manage that technology. This has been the growing message to and from business leaders, and it is starting to be heeded by students.

As the Boston Globe reports (Science, tech fields await high school grads), a great example of this shift in student focus has come in Medfield, MA. Students electing STEM majors have increased from about 1/5 of students to nearly 1/3, while those opting for humanities majors have dropped to fewer than 1/10 of those going on to further education. The dramatic shift in focus has caused Medfield's guidance team to take notice. Once the purview of the brightest students, the evolution of technology's becoming easier to utilize has broadened access to STEM fields to larger numbers of students.

Medfield High School is located in a community in which it is easy to spot these trends because of how closely the school system tracks student interests. But, as the Globe reports, communities around the state, across a wide range of economic and professional strata, are reporting similar shifts in academic interest. As technology increasingly dominates every aspect of our lives, from the computer systems in retail to web programming on up to high level engineering and development and much more, the need for versatility and dexterity in skill sets grows on every level as well. It is encouraging to see the deepening interest in STEM fields, leading to the next generation of innovators and leaders.

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