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Building on the Maker's Faire Movement

Maker Faire Robot logoWith the growth of job opportunities in STEM fields also accelerating emphasis on related academic pursuits, there's a growing question of whether that is enough.  We reported recently about MSSEF First Place Winner Adrian Niles' going to the White House for the first ever White House Maker's Faire. In the wake of that high profile Faire, there's an increasing interest in finding ways to make hands on learning and innovation become a bigger part of classroom activity. Maker Faires themselves are not new on the scene, having started in California's Bay Area in 2006. With their growth and the addition of the White House event, educators are increasingly looking at more ways to integrate this sort of hands on learning into schools, and working with colleges an universities to expand how they consider applications from students, to include portfolios of creations and inventions as well as academic test scores and aptitude.

Read more about this at KQED: Can the Maker Movement Infiltrate Mainstream Classrooms?

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