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STEMlete - a New Network for Sharing School STEM Projects - a site for STEM scholarsWe've recently been made aware of a promising new resource on the web, launched in April, called STEMlete. It is designed to give bright young minds in STEM fields a way to share and connect with peers, to discuss projects, and to be visible to professionals and recruiters. The outlined parameters for usage of the site are intended to foster respect and support for everyone's efforts and passions. The intention is to be more targeted than the likes of Facebook or LinkedIn, designed to focus on STEM specifically. 

While primarily designed for students, the free site also offers resources for parents, educators, colleges, professonals, researchers, and more. We will be curious to see how this new site develops. Are you using it? Please let us know your impressions of it if you are. has an interview with STEMlete's team here.

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