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MIT BLOSSOMS Enhances STEM Learning

In a time when crowded classrooms, diminishing funding, and testing mandates seem to stack the deck against teacher innovation, MIT has stepped in with BLOSSOMS (a cheerful acronym for Blended Learning Science or Math Studies) video lessons to breathe new life into science teaching.  With a video library of more than 50 lessons -- all of them freely available to teachers -- BLOSSOMS brings the presence of a “guest lecturer” into the classroom to supplement the classroom teacher’s lesson.  The 50-minute video modules aim to enhance, rather than replace, teaching, putting the teacher in the role of guide.  Topics in the Blossoms Video Library include “Using DNA to Identify People,” “Can Earthquakes Be Predicted?” and “Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship.”  The library is searchable by content unit (by grade and subject), and by education standards.  Learn more about BLOSSOMS here.

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