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Reversing the Swing from Science

We knew it all along: Engaging teaching methods can make a difference for students!  A new report written by Cary Sneider of Portland State University, titled "Reversing the Swing from Science:  Implications from a Century of Research," looks at a wide variety of research for insights into how to build and maintain interest in STEM among students.

Beginning with John Dewey's 1913 essay, "Interest and Effort in Education," the report examines deductive research conducted over the past century to arrive at several conclusions.  Among them: Attitudes are malleable, and a variety of interventions have the potential to increase student's engagement in STEM activities, courses, and careers.  Furthermore, the report concludes that, while young people like science, they do not necessarily enjoy it in school.  Teachers, teaching methods, and curriculum are key to student engagement.

An enjoyable and fascinating read, which can be found here.

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