photo 2_zpsd24512a7.jpg The Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair (MSSEF) is committed to developing future thought leaders through experiences in science and engineering practices using well-proven programs and novel approaches that empower students and educators to learn in and beyond the classroom. We see a future where every student is empowered through learning in science and engineering practices.

Teachers Take Flight to Inspire STEM Learning

Middle school teachers took part in near-zero-gravity experiments, which they and the sponsors hope will draw students to the STEM fields.
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New Report on STEM Learning in Afterschool

A new report from the Afterschool Alliance analyzes evaluation studies of afterschool STEM programs to identify trends and outcomes from such programs.
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Science Nspired Provides New Tools to Science Students, Teachers

Science teachers now have a new, free resource to help them quickly and effectively bring technology-based content into their biology, chemistry and physics classrooms.
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Jeffrey Wilhelm on Inquiry-Based learning

Jeffrey Wilhelm, Associate Professor of English Education at Boise State University, on inquiry-based learning. To learn more, visit
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"Best of the Best" State Science Fair Projects

Interested in a microbial fuel cell?   Or an app that predicts tornadoes coming?  Are you curious about the effect of nicotine on memory?   Or if "green" detergents less toxic?  All these and nearly 300 other exciting and life-saving research projects were showcased today at the 62nd Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair (MSSEF) at MIT.


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