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Girls, Women, and Minorities in STEM

Beyond Cookies: Girl Scouts Bite into STEM

Through new partnerships and a recently overhauled badge system, Girl Scouts of the USA is providing more opportunities than ever for participants' exposure to STEM fields.

Great Teacher Thrives in Unique Habitat

Nitya Jacob, assistant professor of biology at Emory’s Oxford College, always dreamed of being published in the prestigious journal, Science.  As her career progressed and she made the decision to become a teacher, she assumed that she had next to no chance of making that dream a reality.  How wrong she was.  The next issue of Science will feature Nitya's paper, "Investigating Arabi

Closing the Gender Gap in Patent Filing

Interestingly, data on patent filings reveals that women are responsible for a mere 7 percent. What's behind the huge gender disparity? "Men are more likely to be in jobs involving design work or development work... so the 'D' in the R&D," says Rutgers economist Jenny Hunt.

Study Takes Mystery Out of Hiring Women for STEM Jobs

With women making up only 24 percent of the STEM workforce, there's a need to examine hiring practices.  A 50-page study by the Anita Borg Institute does just that, offering advice on hiring women to high-paying jobs in STEM.  The report includes practical tips like concealing job candidates' names during the screening phase, and including at least one female candidate among those considered for tech

NASA, ALA Team Up to Offer Astro4Girls Pilot

Regardless of whether it comes in like a lion or a lamb, March will usher in National Women's History Month.  Astro4Girls, a project collaboration NASA and the American Library Association will leverage the theme into the STEM sphere.  Focusing on middle-school-age girls, Astro4Girls will include activities like astrophotography, telescope-building, creating active galaxies, and learning about female

Cool Resource: FabFems

Funded by the Motorola Solutions Foundation and the National Science Foundation, FabFems is a "national database of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professions who are inspiring role models for young women." It aims to connect students with a network of female STEM professionals, with the goal of increasing career awareness and interest in STEM fields.

New Girl Scout Research Affirms Girls’ Interest in STEM

A new study from the Girl Scout Research Institute indicates that while girls enjoy STEM subjects, they don't necessarily consider related fields when they plan their careers.  The study, "Generation STEM: What Girls Say about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math," shows that the vast majority o

The Amazing Career of "Storm Seer" Mish Michaels

“I always was fascinated by weather,” says New England meteorologist Mish Michaels.  A member of the Massachusetts Science & Engineering Fair board of directors, the TV veteran has early memories of a tornado blasting through her family's Baltimore, MD apartment complex -- an experience that helped form her fascination with the weather.


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