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Inquiry-Based Learning

STEM Education Grows in the Lowell Area

Marking a tremendous increase in interest and participation in STEM education, early March saw a very successful regional science air at the Bartlett Community Partnership School in Lowell. With assistance and support from Middlesex Community College Service Learning students, the 100 middle school students taking part in the first Lowell’s first Middle School District Science & Engineering Fair presented more than 60 projects.

What Does Inquiry Learning Look Like?

Since 1949, the Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair (MSSEF) has been promoting science literacy and advancing inquiry learning. MSSEF programs engage sustained student interest, increasing science learning while also developing students’ 21st century workplace skills, such as communication, teamwork and a strong work ethic.

Grad Student Wants Science to Be a Story

Last year, Tyler Dewitt, a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology gave an inspiring talk at Tedx Beacon Street, recently made available online.

PASCO STEM Educator Awards

PASCO and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) have teamed up to celebrate STEM educators who have created and are using effective STEM curriculum in the classroom.

In ChemLab Boot Camp, Online Video Meets STEM Education

In an interesting collision of pop culture and science, MIT unveiled a new reality video series this week called "ChemLab Boot Camp."  The series follows MIT freshmen as they progress through the four-week-long Introductory Lab Techniques course.

How to "Do" Inquiry Learning Well

Since you are reading this blog, you are probably already "sold" on the concept of inquiry-based learning -- or interested in it, at the very least.  Far from being a completely unstructured form of education, inquiry-based learning requires that a teacher do significant advance planning in order to achieve optimal results in the classroom.  Guiding student exploration and disco

Learning through Inquiry

Science fairs foster a spirit of inquiry in education, helping students to realize and experience practical applications of what they have learned in the classroom.  For teachers who see the benefits of bringing inquiry learning into the classroom, the question of how to do so while covering the curriculum can wei

Intel Talent Search Winners Succeeded by Pursuing their Passions

The top three finalists in this spring's Intel Science Talent Search credit things like parental support, perseverance, a spirit of inquiry, and science fair participation for their successes.

Meeting Inquiry Halfway

It can be nerve-racking for teachers to surrender control of a classroom in order to let inquiry-based learning in.  A recent post on eMINTs' blog, "Networked Teaching & Learning," guides teachers on ways in which to move gradually toward a model of open inquiry rather than diving in with bo


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