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Inquiry-Based Learning

Inquiry Learning -- From Knowledge to Understanding

From halfway around the world, a short video featuring Vic Hygate a teacher at Windsor School in Christchurch, New Zealand, offers a simple and clear definition of inquiry learning and the impact that it has had on Vic's students and her life.

Ideas for 21st Century Global Curriculum

In his description of what a global curriculum might look like, Edutopia blogger Terry Heick presents a picture of education driven by inquiry.  The three "small, manageable ideas" that he suggests as a starting point for the globalization of curriculum add up to a classroom where students of all interests and

New Generation, New Power: The 2012 Taiwan International Science Fair

Barnas Monteith, chairman of the MSSEF board of directors and president of Tumblehome Learning, attended the week-long 2012 Taiwan International Science Fair (TISF) recently. A serial science fair winner himself -- with four 1st-place MSSEF wins among many others -- Barnas was impressed by the quality of the student work he observed at TISF.

The Value of Learning by Doing

In this month's issue of The Scientist, Sarah L. Simmons, director of the Freshman Research Initiative in the College of Natural Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin, makes a compelling case for the multiple benefits of providing opportunities for students to perform hands-on research early in their academic careers.

Students Prefer Inquiry-Based Approach to Science

Science education teeters on the brink of change, with the message that an inquiry-based teaching approach is what works with students taking root in classrooms across the country.

Teachers as Brain-Changers

Veteran teacher Wendi Pillars suggests that teachers are "brain-changers," with the opportunity to help children make connections between prior experiences and new information, actually altering the structure of the students' brains.

STEM Gaining STEAM Across the Country

With greater focus on STEM firmly established as a national education imperative, there's some momentum building to factor in the arts in a meaningful way.

Science Professors Test Interactivity in Large STEM Courses

Even veteran educators are putting research into practice and testing the merits of inquiry-based approaches to learning versus lecture-style teaching.  At George Washington University, for example, physics professor William Briscoe -- a professor for 35 years -- took an apprehensive leap into inquiry learning, using small group discussions and hands-on activities to teach his introductory physics cla

The Link Between Creativity, Freedom, and Entrepreneurship

Some food for thought: With the current emphasis on the high value of STEM skills for the workplace of the future, some feel that the importance of adding liberal arts to the mix can be lost.  At the World Entrepreneurship Forum held in Singapore yesterday everyone from Lockheed Martin's chief technology to the Senator-Mayor of Lyon, France highlighted the importance of offering learners an environment that fosters creativity.


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