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Middle School Science Fairs

Intel Science Talent Search Honors Lexington Teen

We are delighted by the news that 17-year-old William Henry Kuszmaul of Lexington has placed third at the prestigious Intel Science Talent Search competition for 2014.

Middle School Students Capture Media Attention in Advance of State Fair

Allison Wolfe, left, and Ella King won the Genzyme Award at the Region I Massachusetts Science & Engineering Fair (photo by

Sally Ride's Legacy: Advancing STEM Education in Middle School

Broadcom Foundation Executive Director Paula Golden received a "high-five" voicemail from astronaut and STEM champion Sally Ride just weeks before Ride's untimely death from pancreatic cancer: "Paula, this is Sally Ride.

2012 State Middle School Fair Results

A fabulous Massachusetts State Middle School Science & Engineering Fair took place on Saturday, June 2nd at Worcester Technical High School.  Students in grades

Science Fair Project Resource Recommendation

We recently received the following note from a middle school science teacher, and thought that the resource she mentions might be of interest: "I am a teacher currently preparing for the 6th grade science fair. I just happened to come across your resources page while I was looking for some experiments and other science project ideas to create a project sheet to hand out to my students with some ideas of what they can do for the science fair.

British Study Reveals Low Science-Career Aspirations Among 10-Year-Olds

New research from King's College London suggests that there's a disconnect between young students' enjoyment of science in school and their attitude about pursuing a professional career in the sciences. The ASPIRES research team surveyed more than 9,000 primary school age children, and found that at around the age of 10 or 11, attitudes about science begin to drop off. "Children and their parents hold quite complex views of science and scientists and at age 10 or 11 these views are largely positive," notes research team leader Louise Archer.


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