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STEM Careers

Wanted: Massachusetts Grads with Computing Expertise

Massachusetts isn't churning out enough college graduates in the field of computing to meet the demands of the current job market.  So said representatives of Google, Microsoft, and Intel during a meeting with Massachusetts lawmakers on Wednesday at a Tech Hub Caucus meeting held at the State House. According to Steve Vinter, engineering and site director at Google's Cambridge office, "Computing...

Pushing Students Toward STEM

With an estimated 14 million people currently out of work in the US, how can there still be a shortage of qualified workers to fill STEM positions? The disconnect was one topic discussed at last week's STEM Solutions 2012 leadership summit in Dallas.

STEM Sells in the Law School Admissions Game

Thinking about applying to law school? An undergrad degree in a STEM subject is a selling point these days.

Why Scientists Should Do Outreach

In his blog, "Arthropod Ecology, Christopher M. Buddle, Associate Professor in McGill University's Department of Natural Resource Sciences makes the case for a scientist's responsibility to do outreach.

Young Adults Perceive Obstacles to STEM Careers

While a string of recent reports have emphasized the critical need for more and better trained STEM professionals, too many of those in a position to answer the call over

Is STEM the Answer to the Challenge of Student Debt?

In US News & World Report, William Broman, a current biomedical engineering major at George Washington University, offers a reality check about the financial burdens facing many college graduates in the form of hefty college loan payments. The data, he says, supports the notion that one of the quickest ways for graduates to eliminate their college debt is to enter a STEM field.

STEM Subjects Plagued by Lack of Student Interest, Poor Math Aptitude

A new study released by Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce paints a grim picture of the direction of America's students.


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