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STEM Education

Characteristics of Schools Successful in STEM

A little light summer reading: Longitudinal data on students from two states -- Florida and North Carolina -- reveals "STEM-relevant variables" linked to success in STEM education. Download the full text of the report (PDF) Read more on American Institutes for Research

New PBS Teachers STEM Education Resource Center for Grades Pre-K to 12

Political jokes aside, Big Bird and his friends at PBS have a key role to play in the future of our youth and the educators responsible for teaching them.

Final Public Draft of the Next Generation Science Standards Available Soon!

The Office for Mathematics, Science, and Technology/Engineering at the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education posted the following notice to its Listserv:

Sixteen Ways the Environment Matters in STEM Education

How does environmental education factor into STEM?  According to a blog post on Edudemic, environmental science jobs are growing fast -- faster than any other science jobs at the moment, in fact. Furthermore, 78% of companies highly value a candidate's environmental knowledge in the hiring process.  Clearly, environmental science education is a niche with a big future.  An infographic from the National Environmental Education Foundation puts it all into perspective:

Education Secretary to Visit Marlborough's STEM Program

Marlborough High School will welcome a VIP tomorrow, when Massachusetts Secretary of Education Paul Reville will pay a visit.

‘Mohawk Guy’ on STEM Education

NASA's "Mohawk Guy" Bobak Ferdowski -- a flight director for the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity mission -- has been the subject of some unexpected curiosity, himself. With his hair-raising style and winning personality, Ferdowski seems to be taking his new-found fame in style. The Washington Post's Haley Crum had the opportunity to ask Ferdowski reader-submitted questions. Here's his response to an inquiry about STEM education and his possible role in motivating the next generation of scientists.

How to Fix Computer Science Education

The tech sector is booming, and hungry for skilled workers. With its promise of ample opportunity and high salaries, it seems like a logical direction for STEM-savvy students to pursue. However, according to a recent article in TIME magazine, the U.S.

The Vital Role of Parents in Students' STEM Pursuits

An often overlooked force for good in the battle to increase students' pursuit of STEM subjects? Their parents.


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