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STEM Education

Misconceptions About Teaching Math & Science

Consider this sobering statement, made by Bill Gates in 2005: "When I compare our high schools to what I see when I’m traveling abroad, I am terrified for our workforce of tomorrow."  Headline after headline proclaims that STEM education in the US is broken.  But what, in fact, is really wrong wi

Tapping Social Media for Disseminating Science Education Information and Results

Carlos Cunha, a teacher of physics and chemistry at an upper secondary school in Setúbal, Portugal, is leading an online discussion event this week about science education.  Specifically, participants are engaging in discussion about communicating innovative science

The Role of Community Colleges in STEM Success

Community colleges are emerging as an ever more important piece of the STEM education puzzle. Speaking at the 2012 U.S.

Results of New Study Reveal Gaps in U.S. Students' Grasp of Hands-On Science

Despite the heavily-reported need for U.S. students to graduate from high school with sharp STEM skills to meet work force demand, a report released today suggests that we have a long way to go.

Good News, Bad News, and No News About Education

A blog post this morning by Change the Equation offers a concise assessment of the recently released government report, "The Condition of Education." The good news, according to Change the

Changing Times Means Changing Recruitment Strategies for STEM Employees

Once focused on college and university grads as the primary source of potential new employees, more and more companies that need workers with solid STEM skills are looking at talent in middle and high schools. So says James Brown, Executive Director of the STEM Education Coalition. "To the extent that you’re really trying to look at the big picture ...

50 Best Sources of Free STEM Education Online

These days, there's no need for anyone interested in pursing greater knowledge of STEM subjects to be constrained by course offerings at their local schools and universities. The Internet opens up a world of possibilities for the studious and curious alike.

Ways to Put the “M” in “STEM”

A post by Grace Suh on the Citizen IBM blog offers a former English major's perspective on the importance of math education for both college and career.

The Decline of STEM Education in the U.S.

An interesting infographic by illustrates the downward trajectory of STEM education in the US.


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