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STEM Education

Using Music to Improve Math Skills

A lot of learning can happen at the junction of math and music, according to music teacher (and blogger) Ruth Catchen. From learning fractions to gaining an understanding of space and proportion, students can pick up many mathematically relevant skills from their music studies. "The arts inspire creativity, self-expression, critical thinking and problem solving," she writes.

Design-Based Learning: A New Paradigm for STEM Education

A new post on the Citizen IBM blog looks at how to motivate students in STEM subjects by design; that is, engage them in real problem-solving rather than merely "telling" them about science.

Tufts University Takes Innovative Path to Building Enthusiasm for STEM

The Center for Engineering Education and Outreach at Tufts is leading the movement to break down the barriers to STEM subjects by engaging students in hands-on, innovative learning.  Inspiring a new generation of scientists and inventors is the ultimate goal of today's STEM education, and initiatives like the one at Tufts create invaluable opportunities for students to establish an early fondness for

Cool Resource: Afterschool Snack's STEM Pages

"Afterschool Snack," a useful blog focused on quality afterschool and out-of-school learning programs, has redesigned its STEM pages for even greater ease and navigability.  Features including STEM-specific funding opportunities, policy updates, local program listings and resources, an interactive calendar, and more make the STEM section an invaluable resource.  Check it out!

Check out the New MIT STEM Pals Newsletter

Featuring news, ideas, and opinions submitted by people who recognize the significance of the challenges facing STEM today, MIT STEM Pals is new, information-packed newsletter.

Geography, Environment Gaining Popularity with AP Test Takers

Geography and environmental science rank high among the AP courses to which students have been flocking in greater numbers recently.  The newly released "AP Report to the Nation," issued by the College Board, examines the growth trend in these science courses, as well as the relatively new interest in certain foreign languages, including Chinese and Japanese.  Read

Three Key Takeaways from the President's Education Budget Proposal

The budget proposal released Monday features a request for $69.8 billion for education, which represents an increase of $1.7 billion over the past year.

Celebrating the Complexities of Science

With student attrition from STEM majors to "easier" fields running at about 40 percent, concerns exist that we are losing some our best and brightest to fields with fewer barriers to entry.


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