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STEM Education

Will Education Change in Step with Changing Times?

Facebook, Petaflop, and nanotubes illustrate the increasing importance of STEM education in keeping today's students equipped to face their future.  Veteran educator Tim Gott, director of the Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky, suggests in US News & World Report that aligning an antiquated public education system with today's demands -- and those of the future -- is c

Cool Resource: The Connectory

Search The Connectory for activities and resources in your community that inspire young people to develop the important science, technology, engineering and math skills they need to become the problem solvers of tomorrow.

How Can We Get the American Dream Back for Our Kids?

National Math and Science Initiative president and CEO Dr. Mary Ann Rankin writes in today's Huffington Post that the U.S. public school system no longer provides a path to the American dream for our students. Their preparation in math and the sciences, in particular, is insufficient to meet the anticipated demands of the future workforce.

Comic Books and Video Games as Bridges to STEM Learning

In 1953, GE used comic books as a hook to get kids interested and involved in learning STEM.  Anyone remember "Adventures inside the Atom?"  The modern-day equivalent: Video games, of course.  What do you think about the strategy of meeting kids "where they live" as a hook for STEM learning?

The Potential of STEM Education to Uplift Poor Urban Schools

LEAP University Academy Charter School founder Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago sees opportunities for STEM education to reach into impoverished areas and help lift children up to break the cycle of poverty.

Study Suggests High-Stakes Testing Fuels Over-Emphasis on Reading, Math Instruction

Increasingly, the demands of state tests for proficiency in math and reading seem to be pushing subjects like science, art, and social studies aside, according to a survey commissioned by Washington-based research organization Common Core. "During the past decade, our public schools have focused—almost exclusively—on reading and math instruction," said Common Core president and executive director Lynn Munson.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute to Open STEM Education Center

As a response to the shortage of teachers qualified to teach STEM subjects, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Worcester, MA has plans to create a center dedicated to STEM education.  “The STEM Education Center at WPI will engage and empower K-12 STEM educators and help them to do the critically important job of fostering the next generation of scientists and engineers who will help solve some o

How Robust is the STEM Pipeline?

National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) Executive Director Francis Eberle weighs in on the NSTA blog about the health of the STEM pipeline, pointing out that STEM literacy doesn't end at the high school level: "How we can keep more students engaged in STEM both in high school and especially when they get to college?"

Why Science Majors Change Their Minds

After the inspiring experience of their high school science classes, college students pursuing STEM disciplines seem to be discovering a sober truth in college: This stuff is hard.


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