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STEM Education

Bing's Stefan Weitz Talks Science and Technology

With an unbridled fascination for all things science, Stefan Weitz, a senior director with Microsoft's Bing, makes geekdom cool.  He's one of Microsoft's "Heroes of STEMtember."
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Survey Shows STEM Engagement Begins in the Early Years

According to a new survey by Microsoft, the decision by students to pursue a STEM-related degree often happens in middle school or even earlier. Show original

The Biggest Chemistry Experiment Ever?

By investigating such things as the pH and salinity of their local water, students from all over the world have the opportunity to contribute to what may be the biggest chemistry experiment ever. Show original

How to Improve STEM Education

It is the STEM workforce that drives the nation's innovation, progress and economic growth. Yet, employers struggle to find qualified candidates to fill STEM positions and with good reason - STEM workers made up only 5.5 percent of America's 2010 workforce. How do we bridge the gap between supply and demand of these workers? Show original

Toshiba's STEMpowerment Project Takes to the Road

Toshiba's DREAM, CREATE, GO! Roadshow launched this week in Irvine, California -- the first of three stops in the effort to inspire teachers, parents, and students in STEM.
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New Initiative Sets Sights on Improving Science Education

The Biotechnology Institute's Scientists in the Classroom initiative will engage biotech companies to advance life science education both at the national level and in their communities.
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New Report on STEM Learning in Afterschool

A new report from the Afterschool Alliance analyzes evaluation studies of afterschool STEM programs to identify trends and outcomes from such programs.
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